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Offer creation and target research

We understand that the key to successful lead generation using Facebook ads is having a compelling offer and targeting the right audience. That's why we start by working with you to create an offer that will appeal to your ideal customers and then use advanced research techniques to identify the best audience for your ads.

Campaign creation and ad design

Once we have a solid offer and target audience, the next step is to create a campaign and design ads that will grab the attention of your target audience and encourage them to take action. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a campaign strategy and design visually appealing ads that will drive traffic and leads to your business.

Optimization and automation

To get the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns, it's essential to continuously optimize and automate your efforts. At TBS LLC, we use advanced optimization techniques and automation tools to ensure that your campaigns are running smoothly and efficiently, while also constantly testing and adjusting to get the best possible results.

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Jeff Komeil

Construction Company Owner

"I have been in the construction company for over 15+ years. It's a very lucrative industry and a business that I know very well. The only problem is that getting new customers has been difficult lately because of where I live and the economic status. I found TBS LLC from a google ad they were running and thought I give them a try. They promised me 15 leads in one month and boy did they deliver. Out of the 15 leads, I was able to convert 4 out of the 15. For business owners looking to get leads, TBS is the place to be!"

Nicole E-Commerce Owner

E-Commerce Owner

"When it comes to running an e-commerce store, marketing plays a huge role. I struggled with paid media from using the wrong creative to targeting the wrong audience. I came across TBS LLC through an ad they were running on social media advertising. Since working with TBS LLC, they have helped generate over $50,000 + in sales for my beauty business by creating an ad that worked and targeting an audience that they thought would convert. I highly recommend Rayan and his team at TBS LLC for all your e-commerce advertising needs!"

Janice Davies

Restaurant Owner

"I opened my restaurant with big dreams of having every table filled with hungry customers. However, after 6 months of being opened, very few people knew about my restaurant, so I tried running awareness campaigns for my restaurant online. I had a very hard time learning and knew that I had to source help. A friend referred me to TBS LLC for advertising help and to this day I'm happy I made the decision to hire them. They helped create a brand awareness campaign showcasing my dishes to get the word out about my business. They, later on, set up a conversion campaign for doordash orders and that's what's helped boost my sales. TBS really cared about my business and has shown great results in bringing the best possible customers to my restaurant! "




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Achieve Success with TBS LLC's Proven Formula for Business and Ad Success

At TBS LLC, we know that running a business can be tough. That's why we've developed a surefire formula for success that will take the guesswork out of your ad campaigns and help you achieve the results you want. Our formula is like a straight line to success - no twists, turns, or detours. Just follow the formula and watch your business soar to new heights! So if you're tired of spinning your wheels and want to experience real, measurable success, give TBS LLC a try. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Stay Connected With Us And Get Your Digital Marketing Strategy In Place

While SEO, social media posting, website development, and google business management are all important aspects of digital marketing, the most crucial element is generating hot leads in a timely manner. Without a steady stream of potential customers reaching out to your business, even the most comprehensive marketing strategies may not be enough to sustain your company. That's why we prioritize getting our clients' businesses in front of the right audiences as soon as possible, while also offering a range of additional digital marketing services to help them grow and expand over time.

  • Targeted reach: Facebook ad lead forms allow you to target specific audiences to ensure your ads are seen by the right people.

  • High conversion rates: Lead forms on Facebook have a higher conversion rate compared to other marketing strategies, resulting in more leads and customers for your business.




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